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Our Team:

The Project is being developed by a team of five organizations from Austria, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Sweden and Turkey as follows:


InterAktion is an Austrian organization that focuses on human rights, sustainability, integration of refugees and young people from migrant families and promotes intercultural dialogue between people of different backgrounds and cultures through non-formal education methods.

The goal of the organization is to advocate for the development and integration of marginalized and at-risk youth into society. InterAktion helps promote and create integrated communities that give individuals the confidence to be more aware of their skills and potential.


Sdruzhenie Re-Act

The Re-Act association was founded in early 2010 by a group of young friends – Maya, Lyuben, Bobby, Bogdan, Petar and Mitko. Most of them graduated from Western European universities and returned to Bulgaria to contribute with their different skills and experiences to change the social environment and the way of thinking in Bulgaria.

In 2012, Gaby, Yuliya, Emmy and Milen joined Re-Act, as well as Pavlin in 2013. Together with them, many new and fresh ideas came to the association and as a result, it received a lot of support in the implementation of projects.



ECO-LOGIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment, the promotion of modern ecological practices, and the monitoring and promotion of the principle of sustainable development, focusing on primary education (formal and non-formal), kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and universities.

ECO-LOGIC has many years of experience in working with children, youth and adults and focuses on extracurricular educational activities on various topics. Since its foundation in 2011, the organization has been dedicated to the exchange and promotion of knowledge and information on the environment, ecology and sustainable development in elementary schools throughout the country, but also throughout Europe. ECO-LOGIC is strongly connected with 150 elementary schools and 30 high schools throughout Macedonia. ECO-LOGIC also cooperates with the City of Skopje (Department of Education), the Аdult Education Center and the Bureau for Development of Education.


Mobilizing Expertise

Mobilizing Expertise is an efficient Swedish SME for Nordic, European and international projects, founded in 2015. Our six main areas are providing training, developing educational tools, mobilizing volunteers, project management, promoting entrepreneurship among youth and adults, and digitizing content. In all these areas, we focus on the sustainable dimension, with special attention to the environment and the health of the whole generation. Our team consists of six experts with diverse backgrounds who have worked in the private and public sectors.


Antalya Değer Yaratanlar Derneği

Antalya Değer Yaratanlar Derneği is a youth organization that conducts studies in the fields of social affairs, culture, education, and health and sports. It contributes to the improvement of youth policies, ensures cooperation and solidarity among young people, promotes their entrepreneurship and helps them acquire knowledge, skills and competencies.


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